Wired Double detection Microwave and IR motion sensor

Wired Double detection Microwave and  IR motion sensor
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802C is a high -performance detector integrating the most advanced technologies in the security and protection industry. It is composed of a durable microwave (MW) module with ultra-long life and a high-precision passive infrared (PIR). The shell is made of engineering plastic.


* Double detection by Microwave and Passive Infrared. Highly accurate. False alarm rate non-performance

Can be avoided for it only gives alarm to the true motion of human body. Its performance is far superior to those various infrared detectors without the microwave technology.

*  Adopting patented full-scope precise temperature compensation, the detecting sensitivity is always stable and consistent within working temperature in spite of temperature changes. (sensitivity of common detector may decrease greatly in the temperature range of  90 F to 110 F, or give false alarm in other temperature range ).

* MW detection is stable, reliable, and highly interference-resistant.

* Adjustable sensitivity. detecting distance etc. provides maximum flexibility.


Operating Voltage: 9-16V DC

Working current: standby :25mA on alarm (at 12VDC)

Self-checkup: 60 seconds self check upon electrification.

Microwave section spece: (See figure 2)

Oscillation source: Microstrip circuit, oscillation unit

Operating frequency: 3.2Ghz

Detecting scope: 40FT x 40FT

Sensitivity: pulse count option of 1~2

Lens window qty : 36

Detecting scope: 40ft x 40ft, 110 degree angle ( The look-down window can eliminate the detecting dead angle.)

Temperature compensation: Automatic temperature compensation

Anti-temper alarm specs.

Alarm terminal: Normally closed, open for 5 seconds when detector alarms, contacts capacity 100mA/30VDC with 1ohm resistor.

Anti-tampler switch: Normally closed, open when detector housing is opened, contacts capacity 100mA/30VDC

Environmental conditions:

Working temperature: 10 to 125 F

Storage temperature:  0 to 135 F

RFI protection:  > 30V/M

White light interference protection : > 6500Lux

Dimension: 5 X 2.5 X 1.5 inch



How to connect GSM02 Panel

Hint:  For distance reason, wire for Alarm port to GND and Z1 not include, you can use any telephone cord cable or wire

Please cut the DC AC adapter tips first, then peel the plastic till a reasonable wire exposed, connect the exposed wire to the 12V DC + - port, red cable for +, black cable for -


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