Outdoors Wireless Siren with Flash lighting 433MHz (WSR-04)

Outdoors Wireless Siren with Flash lighting 433MHz (WSR-04)
Outdoors Wireless Siren with Flash lighting 433MHz (WSR-04)
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Two-in-one design for flash siren, main panel and alarm sound.

Alarm volume: 120Db.

Easy to be operated for arm, disarm and emergency help (SOS).

Radio receiving frequency: 433Mhz.

It will alarm with flash when there is an alarm.

This system can be as a control panel to control the accessories and also can act as a wireless siren with flash in our alarm systems.

Wireless Siren Setup Instructions WSR-04

Diagram : Coding / Setting-up the Wireless Siren and its Transmitter

1) Plug-in the L-shaped DC jack into the DC port of the unit. Connect the main unit power adapter (12V 1.2A) to the DC input port .

2) Connect the siren power adapter (12V 0.5A) to the DC port of siren.

3) Connect the red wire of the transmitter to the positive (SP+) port of siren and connect the black wire of the transmitter to the negative (SP-) port of siren.

4) Press the black button(code) behind white siren for 3 seconds when you hear a "beep". Now the siren is in the coding status.

5) Open the transmitter back cover and press the red coding button, the siren will beep once. Now both the siren and the transmitter are recognized by the main unit and the coding is successful.

6) When in coding status, disconnect the siren from the power adapter connector. The siren will beep once at first, and then beep twice to indicate that the siren is not coding status anymore.

7) If the siren is connected and disconnect 5 times from the power adapter in succession, all coding information will be deleted and the siren is no longer identified/known by the main unit

Armed System and trigger any sensor to test if the siren produces a loud sound.

Or during setup state, input 761# to enable the siren for emergency, then you press emergency button on keypad, siren will on, default is off.

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